May  29, 2017


 Photographed by Haley Varacallo

Co-Produced by ARKHAM

Models Heather Nicole Youngblood, John Taylor, Brendan Scanlon, Max Solomon

Styled  by Jacqueline Miller

MUA & Hair by Yasamin Rahmanparast

County Carnival, Savannah, Georgia.

For the series ‘Freak Show,’ while having a full carnival ground to themselves, Haley and ARKHAM members dressed and draped the place with unconventional models such as a gender fluid, an erotic clown, a sparkly bearded drag queen, a stunning fashion model, an 18th century inspired suave and dandy fellow.. etc.

This bizarre array of personas creates a high fashion yet gritty feeling that is fueled by rich and saturated color and light.

The select fashions were from strange and miscellaneous vintage clothing shops throughout Savannah, GA, proving that you do not need a hefty budget to be fabulous. Haley’s fashion work typically involves the notions of gender fluidity, bending, androgyny and unconventional beauty. Playing on the ideas of magic and whimsy, with a bit of an unnerving undertone, this editorial is a feast for your eyes and senses; one can almost smell the funnel cake in the air, and feel the warm humid southern air on one’s skin.