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Jan  29, 2017

Lloyd Shillabeer

 by Sofia Diaz Granai

“My style is not limited to my own original thoughts, nor do I have the privilege to say I am unique in my own processes and imagery. I am inspired and moved by other artists around me and other creative in the industry. Photographers such as Harley Weir, Jamie
Hawkesworth, Venetia Scott, Angelo Pennetta and Alasdair McLellan among others have molded and shaped my vision as a photographer.

My photography is best described as a combination of collected inspiration
from others, my adoration of organic aspects within nature, and also a keen sense of beauty within the male and female form.


All this, coupled with technical skills that have developed over the years to produce images with soft light and sharp details is what drives my
creation of fashion imagery. Overall my goal as a photographer is to create an image that sticks with you, an image that arrests you and
pulls you in stripping your mind from whatever it was thinking of before.

That´s when I know I have created something memorable I can be content with.”

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