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May  29, 2017

Wu Xing

 Photographed by Javier Lemus

Co-Produced by Allan Miuller

Models Priscilla Soto, Sabrina Lau, Tatiana Prado, Marlen Martinez & Nicolle Chocano

MUA FG Makeup Studio

HAIR Salon Estilos

Agency BOGA Models

Fire ( huǒ)




Is the structure of the cosmos mirrors, also known as: the five phases. Each phase has a complex series of associations with different aspects of nature. The "Five Phases" are Wood ( mù), Fire ( huǒ), Earth ( tǔ), Metal ( jīn), and Water (shuǐ).

Wood feeds Fire

Fire creates Earth

Earth bears Metal

Metal collects Water

Water nourishes Wood


Wood parts Earth

Earth dams Water

Water extinguishes Fire

Fire melts Metal

Metal chops Wood

(水 shuǐ).

Earth ( tǔ) 

Metal ( jin)

Wood ( mù)

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